How can I accept Stripe payments on my website?

In order to accept Stripe payments in your Landly website, follow the steps. We need a Publishable key. But first, you need to create a Stripe account.

1. Login to Stripe dashboard

Go to the and login to your Stripe account.

2. Go to API Keys page

Go to the page.

3. Copy your Publishable key

Copy your Publishable key under 'standard keys' section.

4. Open Landly project settings

Go to, select your project. Go to Settings -> Integrations. Paste the API key that you obtained in the previous step. Landly will save it automatically when you paste.

5. Open Landly editor

Open Landly editor and choose a page. You can connect Stripe with any block that contains Link, in this example I'll use Pricing Single block. Add a new block or use your existing ones.

6. Choose a link to activate Stripe

Choose a link and activate Stripe. Click the settings icon.

7. Configure Stripe

In the following form, select your products and fill the inputs.

  1. Define a plan id

  2. Define mode (one time => Payment, recurring => Subscription)

  3. Define a success url

  4. Define a cancel url

After filling the inputs, we are almost done.

8. Add your domain name to Stripe

Go to and enable Checkout. Add your website's domain like

If you set custom domain for your website, be sure to add that domain.


Now you can test your integration after publishing your website.

For testing, I suggest you create a cheap plan like $2 and test with it. You can change the plan to another when you want.

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